fotolia_34129683Good nutrition is very important during pregnancy.  The foods you eat are the main source of nutrients for your baby – you are responsible for making healthy choices for you and your baby.  You should be taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid and DHA before you become pregnant and during pregnancy. Not all foods are safe for your pregnancy, please see “What Foods Should I Avoid” section.

Weight Gain – The average weight gain during pregnancy for a woman starting out at a normal weight is 25-35 pounds.  For an overweight or obese woman, strive to keep weight gain between 10-25 pounds.

Limit high-fat foods and sweets in your diet.  Choose proteins and complex carbohydrates (for example, wheat-based products instead of white breads/pasta).  Avoid fried foods and try baking or broiling instead of frying.

The following websites offer valuable information and applications for your smartphone to help you achieve a healthy diet:

Some grocery stores in the area, Hy-Vee® for example, have dietitians onsite who offer private or group consultation shopping experiences.  Visit their website for information!